Jay Kruisselbrink

Vice President of Development

Since 1993, Jay Kruisselbrink has played a key role as part of the team that developed, leased and now manages the award-winning AIRMALL at PIT. At 80,000 square feet, the AIRMALL at PIT is the nation’s largest, most successful airport retail complex. Expanding on his development, leasing and management expertise, Kruisselbrink has been directly involved in building the business through strategic marketing and ongoing retail and merchandising support. He played a significant role in AIRMALL USA’s highly successful developments at BWI, BOS and CLE. Kruisselbrink is integral to monitoring and benchmarking, ensuring that all subtenants adhere to the principles of high quality and value. Prior to joining AIRMALL USA, Kruisselbrink was a purchasing agent responsible for sales volume in excess of $4 million.